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Demolition is romance/drama/comedy movie featuring Jake Gyllenhaal. I really like this film. After Davis’ (Jake Gyllenhaal) wife passes away in a car accident, Davis spirals out of control. He begins sending complaint letters to a vending machine company, but that soon turned into intimate letters to the customer service rep Karen. Before Davis loses it, he was a successful investment banker at a firm run by his wife’s father. The father didn’t think that Davis loved his daughter because he rarely showed. Over the course of the movie, Davis demolishes his old life, and with the help of Karen and her son, he starts to build a new one. I found out about this movie through a TikTok edit, so I decided to watch it. TikTok is actually where I get a lot of my movie recommendations these days, and it rarely disappoints.

What I like most about this movie is the character development of Davis. Yes I understand that that’s what the whole movie is about. When first introduced to the characters he seems unhappy and stagnant. It isn’t until after his wife dies that you see him change. He becomes fixated on taking things apart and understanding how they work, one could say demolishing things. While destroying his house, Davis finds ultrasound photos that belonged to his wife. Davis had no idea about the child, so he visited her parents to get answers. He finds out that the child was not his, she was having an affair and the mother helped cover it up. Davis wasn’t upset. There was utterly no emotion on his at all. He visits the grave of his recently passed wife, when a man comes and places flowers on her grave. Davis thought this was the man who was having the affair, but it turned out he was the one driving the car that killed his wife. Davis told him that it was okay and that he forgave him. When Davis returned to his car he found an old post it note that his wife used to leave him. He reads it and memories of her begin flooding into his mind. This is where Davis realized that he truly loved her and he needed to get his act together.

There is much more to the story, and that is not the end, so I will leave the rest up to you to watch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks.

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